Suitable fish




A page of text that talks about the types of fish suitable for AAA

With our establishing our operation in Uganda and on Lake Victoria our opportunity to work towards “Food Security ” we looked at the difficulties facing the market at present .These included  but were not limited to over fishing of specific species in cycles and the depletion of much if the smaller fish used for local consumption if not falling under the specified catch limitations ,hence the food chain is being depleated from both ends . So by farming from our stock we would be in in a position to supply both the larger and small fish in substantional volumes hence reducing the demands on the natural fish population .

Currently there is a proliferation of Mukene due to the depletion of the Nile Perch  in the lake  and with a life cycle of +- 7 Months  they form part of the local sustainable supply as long as the catches are controled and monitored  . The Perch is not a main stream fish for local consumption and largely for export . The Tilapia however is one of the main stream local food  sources ,so our intentions were to concertrate on the two local food sources .

We subsequently are concentrating on the Mokene and Niloticus  as potential sources to generate ” Food For Africa ” our Food Security  for the future .

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